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  1. Marker Information:

    One grave marker allowed per plot, placed at the head of the grave. All markers must be of granite or real bronze, not smaller than 8 X 16 and not larger than 18 x 42 with a thickness of at least 4 inches, the top being set even with the contour of the ground. For delivery- installation (allowed during months of April thru October only), contact Public Works at 801-849-9463 or email for appointment at 14229 S Redwood Road, Bluffdale, UT.

  2. Open-Close Fees:

    Fees must be paid before work order is submitted. To pay with VISA or MC, call 801-254-2200.       

    Adult $675  *Saturday- Holiday $800         Infant-Urn $450  *Saturday- Holiday $575

  3. Veteran:*

    Upon the death of the plot owner, all plots must be transferred to a living person. (Complete this section if different than Applicant and provide legal documentation such as court order, power of attorney, will, or signatures of all living heirs directing new owner assignment and email to

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