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GRAMA - Government Records Request

  1. In accordance with the Government Records Access and Management Act, as set forth in Utah Code Ann. §§ 63-2-101, et seq., a person making a request for a government record shall  "furnish the governmental entity with a written request containing required information and a description of the records requested that identifies the record with reasonable specificity."  

    Records request does not mean, “create a record . . compile, format, manipulate, package, summarize, or tailor information” or “provide a record in a particular format, medium, or program not currently maintained by [the City].”  See id. § 63G-2-201(8). 

  2. I am seeking the following RECORDS which I believe are collected, filed and/or used by the City of Bluffdale, 2222 W 14400 S, Bluffdale, Utah 84065, as described below:

  3. I would like to:*
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