Are there any assistance programs through Salt Lake County for tax relief?

Salt Lake County offers a tax relief program for those who qualify. You must apply by September 1, 2023. They also have other assistance programs, like rental relief, available. Learn more about the programs and see if you qualify at or  

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1. What is fund budgeting & why do you use it for municipal budget?
2. How much of my property tax goes to Bluffdale City?
3. Our property values go up every year plus new homes are built, why do you need to raise our property taxes?
4. Where did the $16.57M capital projects funds come from and how was that money attained?
5. What capital projects are being funded from the $1.16M transfer from the general fund?
6. How much does it cost to raise all salaried employees outside of fire and police by 5%? How much could we save if we only raised salaries by 2%? How much does it cost us to raise salaries by 5% for an
7. What exactly will the proposed tax increase of $500k be used for?
8. If we raise property taxes, will we definitely have enough money for fire and police the year after? Or is it possible that property taxes would have to be increased again in the near future?
9. What are the fees in lieu & personal property taxes in the general fund revenues?
10. Why is the lease to LBA going up by $500k in 2024?
11. Can we move money back and forth from the General Fund to the new Public Safety fund and vice versa if needed?
12. Why can’t we have a couple budget proposals or options to see what the tradeoffs would be without a tax increase?
13. Instead of increasing reserves by $1.7M, can you only increase it by ~$1.2M and use the rest to fund the fire department?
14. Instead of transferring ~1.2M out of the general fund to pay for capital projects, can you use some of that money to hire firefighters instead?
15. Instead of increasing everyone’s salary by the full 5%, can you identify a lower rate of increase and use those savings to pay for the additional firefighters that are needed?
16. Can you educate citizens to shift a portion of their regular purchases to true online retailers through education, social media, and community outreach?
17. Can you keep fire/police in the general fund so we can make better decisions about the whole budget and have fewer restrictions about how to use our total revenues?
18. Why not start with just a couple of full time firefighters and build on that without increasing taxes?
19. Are the multi-million dollar surpluses in the general and other funds being appropriated for Public Safety?
20. How can I get help understanding our City budget?
21. Are there any assistance programs through Salt Lake County for tax relief?