How to Reserve Tickets for Bluffdale OWD Rodeo

How to Reserve Seats

Choose the date and time for the performance you want to attend.  

Choose Dates Opens in new window

Chose an option Choose Seats Opens in new window

  1. Find Best Seats Available: you can choose a section or let the computer choose based on how the seats are arranged. 
  2. View Seating Chart: See how the arena is laid out. The arena is in the middle of the page. The north side is on the left and the south is on the right. 
  3. Choose your own seats: when the new screen opens, choose a section and then a seat. Click on a seat and add to the cart. Choose as many seats as you want to purchase. If you have trouble or don't see the "Choose Your Own Seats" you may need to switch to a desktop browser. 

TicketLeap Seating Chart Opens in new window

Click the Checkout button at the bottom when ready to purchase. Fill out the information to purchase the tickets. Checkout Opens in new window

Tickets will be emailed to you. We will scan your tickets when you arrive at the arena. 

Purchase Tickets Here

How to switch to a desktop browser

If you are using a mobile device or tablet the default setting of your mobile browser will not allow you to choose individual seats. The seats will be assigned by "best available" in each section. However, if you engage the Desktop version of the event page from your mobile browser's settings, you may be able to choose your own seats. Please note, this may not work for every buyer on every device and we cannot verify individual device and browser performance. 

If you have any questions, please call 801-849-9404 for help.