Healthy Bluffdale Coalition

The Healthy Bluffdale Coalition strives to implement a whole health approach that centers around the responsibility of individual citizens to know and care for their health and prevent illness.

As a recipient of the Coalitions Lite grant from the Salt Lake County Health Department, Healthy Bluffdale Coalition  (HBC) is going through an evidence-based practice to find out what the priorities should be for the coalition to focus on. Please come join the conversations and provide input on what some of the priorities should be.

The HBC meets in person every third Thursday of the month at 6:30 pm in the Community Room at Station 92 (14895 Noell Nelson Dr).

If you have thoughts or ideas, please contact the coalition at

Coalition membership is open to all residents of Bluffdale. Fill out an application to be added to the committee. 

More information is available here


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Name Position Expiration of Term
Brighton Wilson Chair September 30, 2024
Liz Barney Secretary May 31, 2024
Emily Quist Board Member May 31, 2024
Bart Barton Board Member May 31, 2024
Frank DeVito Board Member May 31, 2024
Melissa Henderson Board Member September 30, 2024
Keeley Henderson Board Member September 30, 2024

Ordinance Establishing Healthy Bluffdale Coalition

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