Bluffdale Participates in the Salt Lake County Urban Wildlife Assistance Program

This program is ONLY for the removal of skunks and racoons

Wildlife Service’s has a few things a resident can do to try and dissuade raccoons/skunks from returning to a home: 

1. Do NOT leave food outside – ie. Cat food, bird seed etc.

2. Remove woodpiles or other debris piles raccoons/skunks can nest in 

3. When trapping a raccoon/skunk do not use pet food to capture it. These pests have a serious sweet tooth. Use a sweet bait such as Twinkies or marshmallows with vanilla extract.

Urban Wildlife Removal Program is managed by USDA/APHIS 385-419-3405

On the message leave a name, phone number, and an address. There will be no weekend or holiday removal of raccoons/skunks. Animals trapped and called in before 7 AM should be picked up that day unless there is high number of calls they will be picked up the next day.


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