Elected Officials

The City of Bluffdale is a city of the 4th class as defined by the Utah Code. There are 6 elected officials that make up the governing body: a Mayor and 5 Council Members.
Council Members are elected for terms of 4-years and terms are staggered so that only 3 elected officials’ terms expire at the same time. Municipal Elections occur in odd years (2017, 2019, 2021, etc.) and are held during General Elections on the second Tuesday in November.
The Mayor and 5 Council Members are elected at-large.

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Name Expiration of Term Contact
Mayor Natalie Hall 01/01/2026 Email
Wendy Aston 01/01/2026 Email
Traci Crockett 01/01/2026 Email
Greg Wilding 01/01/2028 Email
Steve Austin 01/01/2028 Email
Alan Lord 01/01/2028 Email