Form of Government

Elected Officials

Bluffdale's form of government is a six-member council form. The City Council is the governing body and is composed of the Mayor and five Council members.

The City Council has also established the office of City Manager by ordinance. The City Council has delegated the operational and day-to-day responsibilities of managing the City, its employees and services to a professional full-time City Manager. The City Manager oversees all City departments and reports directly to the Mayor and City Council.

The governing body holds all authority to:

  • Adopt Annual Budgets
  • Adopt Ordinances
  • Create Long-Range Plans for City Services and Utilities
  • Establish City Fees
  • Pass Resolutions
  • Regulate Zoning and Land Development
  • Oversee the Provision of Numerous Other City Services

Council Members are elected for terms of 4-years and terms are staggered so that only 3 elected officials’ terms expire at the same time. Municipal elections occur in odd years (2017, 2019, 2021, etc.) and are held during General Elections on the second Tuesday in November.

The Mayor and 5 Council Members are elected at-large.

Regular Meeting Information


The City Council conducts business by making motions, passing ordinances and resolutions, and taking official action by vote of the Council Members on City matters. In these meetings, citizens may address the City Council directly at the beginning of each meeting during the Public Forum period and at scheduled Public Hearings. Meetings in addition to those specified herein will be held as circumstances require. Access the most updated meeting schedule.