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Winter is the time to plan landscape projectsA Bluffdale backyard before improvements

As the mild fall weather gives way to freezing temperatures, we’re all breathing a sigh of relief that landscape tasks are complete for the season. However, if you’re hoping to improve your landscape and decrease the workload required for future years, this winter will be a great time to plan and prepare.

Planning ahead is important for residents who wish to take advantage of the Utah Water Savers Landscape Incentive program. The program provides a cash-back rebate of up to $3 per square foot for the replacement of lawn with waterwise landscaping. The program is intended to improve the water efficiency, performance, and beauty of our home landscapes, not eliminate them. As such, “zeroscapes” of rock-only surfacing are highly discouraged and not eligible for incentive programs. Xeriscapes and/or Localscapes style landscaping that includes 50% minimum plant coverage, among other requirements, are qualified. Learn more about the requirements on the Utah Water Savers website.

The program requires the submittal of a simple landscape plan which you can hire out or produce yourself using the free resources offered through Localscapes. Projects must alsoA Bluffdale backyard after improvements Opens in new window submit “before” photos showing the existing, living landscape which should be taken now or you’ll need to wait until spring.  Those who wish to hire landscape professionals, such as designers or contractors, will want to act now as the best providers have waitlists that are months long.

Applicants must be approved for the landscape incentive program before beginning a project. Submitting your plan and application over the winter ensures you’ll be approved and ready to start. Projects can be either a full landscape, front yard, or backyard, or even smaller projects such as a park strip flip or side yard switch. The minimum project square footage is 200 square feet.

Changing our landscapes is a challenging process but there are free resources available to help you along every step of the journey. Many Bluffdale residents have already improved their landscapes with the help of these resources—perhaps your yard will be next? 

City Water Conservation Measures

  • Work with Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District (JVWCD) to purchase WeatherTRAK controllers for City parks. With a grant, we increased the amount of controllers from 5 to 17. Once installed, there was an instant reduction of 3 million gallons.
  • Use smart secondary water filters which constantly monitor inlet and outlet pressures preventing water waste by only flushing when necessary
  • Ongoing xeriscape projects: Vintage Park, Independence Park, Independence Trail network, Porter Rockwell Boulevard trail network
  • Retrofitting all existing City park irrigation systems that will monitor and base watering on soil conditions
  • Require all new development to treat and infiltrate storm water to recharge ground water aquifer
  • Require all new developments to have water efficient landscaping, reviewed by City engineers, to include drip irrigation systems, no more 35% grass, and no grass in parking strips or slopes 
  • Building a way to reuse South Valley Sewer District effluent water for irrigation 
  • Reuse effluent water from Utah Data Center to water City main park 
  • Continuing to use grants to remove grass in non-recreation areas
  • Installing meters on all secondary water connections in the City in the next 3 years, estimated 687 connections
  • Expanding pressurized irrigation system to reduce drinking water demand
  • Work with JVWC to inform residents of available rebates
  • Continue to encourage residents to conserve water through newsletter, social media, and digital signage
JVWC Rebates

Claim your rebates for the following at https://utahwatersavers.com/

  • Toilet Replacement Rebates: Old toilets are a leading cause of wasted water in Utah homes. Rebates for $100 are available to residents who replace toilets installed before 1994 with WaterSense-labeled toilets. 
  • Smart Controller Rebates: Smart controllers help save water by automatically adjusting watering schedules based on local weather and landscape needs. Utahns can receive a rebate for 50 percent of the cost (up to $150) when they purchase an eligible WaterSense smart controller. 
  • Localscapes Rewards: Localscapes is an approach to landscaping designed specifically for Utah. Cash rewards and plan reviews will be given for landscaping projects that meet Localscapes requirements. Getting a landscape that thrives in Utah is now easier than ever. 
  • Landscape Consultations: Sign up for a free landscape consultation to get expert advice about watering practices, landscaping, and sprinkler systems. 
  • Flip Your Strip: Removing lawn from your park strip can save an estimated 5,000 – 8,000 gallons of water each year. Participants in this program can receive $1 per square foot for replacing the lawn in their park strip with a water-efficient design, or $1.25 per square foot if they attend a free park strip class. 

Weekly Watering Resource Guide

Check the WEEKLY WATER RESOURCE GUIDE to help determine when and how much to water your lawn.

Bluffdale Water Conservation Plan

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